What We Do

We are graphic designers by heart. However, we stopped being "traditional" graphic designers a long time ago. We have integrated writing software in our design process. This gives us the opportunity to explore new possibilities, and the flexibility we need to take your project to the next level.

Computational Design

We create our own software to design. It helps us explore possible solutions to a design problem in a much faster way. It's a very important step in our design process, as we don't want to be limited by the features of industry-standard software. By using a modular approach, we can use the same building blocks to create a logo, poster, movie or an interactive installation.

You can hire us for

  • Interactive installations
  • Interface design
  • Motion Design
  • Corporate identities
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Visualisation


We believe in sharing our knowledge. That's why we teach, and give talks about the things we do. You can hire us to teach workshops about computational design. Over the past years, we taught workshops on the basics of Processing, visualising audio and generative typography at Sint-Lukas Brussels, University College of Arts and Design, iMAL and Processing Ghent. We also did some talks at Timelab and Hackerspace Ghent.

About Us

Cloudswimmers is a small designstudio based in Ghent, Belgium. We do design in the broadest sense of the word. Take a look at our work to see what we do. If you like what you see, you should hire us for your next project.

Hire us

If you like our work, you should hire us to take your project to the next level. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Contact us

Tinnenpotstraat 27
9000 Gent

Email: hello@cloudswimmers.com
Phone: +32 476 88 68 46