Sushi & Cement Identity

Sushi & Cement is a jewelry label I started in 2015. The first collections were launched during Milan design week. I chose Glober as the main font for the Sushi & Cement identity, as it comes in a variety of weights. I used lots of special glyphs for the collection names and the type in the logo. For the campaign visuals, I chose to work with black & white photo's of people, overlayed with colorful gradients. White illustrations were added to give the people some extra style. For the launch, I created flyers with one of the campaign visuals and some products. The rings are packaged together with a thank you card in a ziplock bag.

Sushi & Cement Logo
Sushi & Cement tagline
Sushi & Cement typography
Sushi & Cement collection names
Sushi & Cement campaign illustration
Sushi & Cement campaign illustration
Sushi & Cement Flyers
Sushi & Cement Thank You cards
Sushi & Cement Jewelry Packaging