Cloudswimmers is the design studio of Jan Vantomme. I design digital and physical products and experiences.

My design process often includes writing software, so I can explore possible solutions to a design problem in a much faster way than a traditional workflow would allow. I prefer designing flexible systems rather than one-off solutions.

Interactive Installations

I've made some interactive art installations for exhibitions in Brussels, London, Brighton and Coventry. These installations were built with either Processing or openFrameworks, and libraries like the OpenCV computer vision library. Custom electronics were made with Arduino.

Computational Design

I create software as part of my design process. This is very useful to explore different ideas in a much faster way than with traditional software. A custom piece of software was made for each of my products.

Data Visualisation

The past few years, I have worked on some big web applications to visualise large datasets. I mainly use the D3.js and p5.js libraries for charts, and leaflet.js or Mapbox GL for maps.

Graphic Design

I studied graphic design, but I don't practice it in a traditional way. My design process often includes writing software. This enables me to design a dynamic communication system for a brand, rather than a static identity.

Wireframes and Prototyping

I've worked on a lot of mobile and web applications, usually drawing and documenting static wireframes, and creating clickable prototypes with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I've worked on apps for startups, banks, newspapers, and large corporations. Some applications I designed are used by several million people.